Highligted Cases

Other work

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Experience design

  • Govita.dk [UX, UI, Dev]
  • Chiliklaus.dk [UX, UI, Dev]
  • Beneath.dk [UX, Dev]

  • Danmarks Jægerforbund [IA, UX]
  • Krifa campaigns [UX, UI, Dev]
  • X-street Uganda [UI, Dev]
  • Lysmesteren [Dev]
  • Altibox [Dev]

Concepts & business

  • Gloove [UX, UI, Concept]

  • Huddling [Concept]
  • Kidup [Initial UX, Concept]
  • Cardable [UX, UI, Concept]

Product development

  • Diabetic monitor solution [Prototype]
  • BassWave [Concept, Illustrated]
  • Smart coffee pot [Prototype]
  • Supermarket helper [Video prototype]
  • Fly Lamp [Video prototype]

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